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hfbk hamburg: Combining the digital and anal...

Combining the digital and analogue world in the printing techniques workshop: Mathematically calculated patterns are digitally printed on triangle-shaped metal pieces in order to be re-created in the analogue form of intaglio printmaking. The process involves many steps: from polishing the metal pieces, to printing the geometric shapes onto the metal using UV printing as an etching resist, spraying on the acrylic aquatint, etching the blank metal, applying etching ink, cleaning the metal surface in order to ensure a precise printing pattern, watering the paper and then, finally, printing the pattern onto the paper using the manually operated printing press. For the more detailed video check out our Youtube channel.

Many thanks for letting us film your graduate work, Marie Todorowa and a huge thank you to @birgitbrandis, artistic workshop supervisor of the printing techniques workshop and her student assistant Robert Bergmann.

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