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Delegate for equality

Delegate for Equality for the HFBK's teaching staff



  • Anika Bartens, student helper
  • Phone: +49 40 42 89 89-366


Pro Exzellenzia grant awards for female PhD students

Tasks assigned to the delegate for equality

The HFBK’s delegate for equality coordinates the work of the Konferenz der lehrenden Frauen (conference of women as teachers), which meets regularly during the semester. Every three years, she presents the Präsidium with an overview of the current state of implementation of the policy for supporting women at the HFBK. She both supports and assesses the University’s measures on equality. She is especially closely involved in decisions on structure and on personnel, as well as the University’s development planning.

The delegate for equality is to be involved in policies concerning the advancement of women and plans for supporting women. During appointment and staff hiring selection procedures she ensures that, given an equal level of qualification, women are appointed in preference to men.

The University delegate for equality

  • has a right to speak and make applications to all self-administration panels and is to be invited and informed as a member would be.
  • has a right to comment on all University organs and a right of objection.

The University is represented by its delegate for equality externally on the following self-administration panels:

  • LaKoG (Landeskonferenz der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten der Hamburger Hochschulen / state conference of delegates to Hamburg universities for equality)
  • BuKoF (Bundeskonferenz der Frauenbeauftragten und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an Hochschulen / federal conference of delegates to universities for equality)

In the ranking of higher education institutions by gender aspects 2019, the HFBK Hamburg took the top position (together with the KHM Cologne, ranking group 1). For this purpose, 44 universities of art and music were evaluated. The ranking by the CEWS can be downloaded here.