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Cusanuswerk Scholarship

The Cusanuswerk is the scholarship body of the Catholic Church in Germany and awards government scholarships to exceptionally gifted (not exclusively Catholic!) students in all branches of academic study.

The most essential element of this sponsorship is a comprehensive interdisciplinary education programme that aims to encourage discussion about science and belief, society and the Church.

Financial support consists of a monthly grant and a monthly amount of money for books. Family and child care allowances may also be added. In addition, the Cusanuswerk supports international study visits, internships and language courses.

Students in bursary programme

Sophia Leitenmayer
Line Lyhne
Clara Alisch
Sarah Hablützel
Jonas Hinnerkort
Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann
Martin Lindemann
Marko Mijatovic
Dorothea Nold
Dr. Christa Pfafferott
Elina Saalfeld
Verena Schöttmer
Sophie Schweighart
Laura Sigrüner
Paul Sochacki
Jonathan Spörke


Once a year, a selection process takes place among Fine Arts students. The next application period is in fall/winter 2020, deadline: 1 November 2020

More infos regarding the scholarship


Semestereröffnung und Hiscox-Preisverleihung 2020

On the evening of November 4, the HFBK celebrated the opening of the academic year 2020/21 as well as the awarding of the Hiscox Art Prize in a livestream - offline with enough distance and yet together online.

Art defies Corona: Graduate Show 2020

With a two-month delay, the Graduate Show took place this year on the 19 and 20 September. More than 140 students showed their artistic graduation projects, from painting to sound installation.

Teaching Art Online at the HFBK

How the university brings together its artistic interdisciplinary study structure with digital formats and their possibilities.

New articles at is the social network of the HFBK. It opens a digital forum for exchange and discussion in which students, teachers, guest authors, art critics and the interested public provide a wide range of content and perspectives.

HFBK Graduate Survey

Studying art - and what comes next? The clichéd images stand their ground: Those who have studied art either become taxi drivers, work in a bar or marry rich. But only very few people could really live from art – especially in times of global crises. The HFBK Hamburg wanted to know more about this and commissioned the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Hamburg to conduct a broad-based survey of its graduates from the last 15 years.

How political is Social Design?

Social Design, as its own claim is often formulated, wants to address social grievances and ideally change them. Therefore, it sees itself as critical of society – and at the same time optimizes the existing. So what is the political dimension of Social Design – is it a motor for change or does it contribute to stabilizing and normalizing existing injustices?

Annual Exhibition 2020 at the HFBK

The HFBK’s traditional annual exhibition („Jahresausstellung“) opens in February every year. For three days the students – from first-years to post-graduates – present a broad spectrum of their current work and projects from all the different departments. All classrooms, studios and halls in the building are used. Interested visitors are cordially invited to gain an impression of the art currently being created at the HFBK.