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Master of Fine Arts

With the Masters degree, the HFBK offers students a course of study centred around the student’s own planned artistic and/or scientific development, allowing issues of interest, working methods and processes to be critically analysed, deepened and to become differentiated.

The interdisciplinary Master degree encompasses all of the artistic and scientific subjects which can be found in the different departments as followed:

Students will have access to workplaces in studios. They will be intensively supported by tutors in developing their projects, through individual and group discussions. The scientific studies on offer will sharpen their ability for critical reflection with regard to their own artistic issues, methods and ways of working, as well as supporting ongoing research projects. Exhibition projects and events within and outside the university context will educate the students in dealing professionally with forms of presentation and with processes of distribution. On completing their degree, students will present their artistic and/or scientific work, which will also be documented in an accompanying publication, in front of a large audience.

Students will be able to deepen and differentiate their artistic and/or scientific abilities. They will be able to develop work which is experimental in a way which emphasises the aesthetic arguments behind the work, the statement it makes and its strengths. They will be able to gain skills in appropriate craft processes which will enable them to express, refine and further develop their artistic ideas. Students will gain extensive knowledge of the history of art and theoretical concepts which will enable them to analyse and determine the state of development of their own artistic work and both increase and enhance their artistic productivity. Students taking a scientific subject will also learn to formulate theoretical problems, to develop an argument which traces their implications, and arrive at a conclusion or thesis.

The normal amount of time needed to complete this degree is 4 semesters.