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2019/09/13: Kahnweiler Prize 2019 for sculpture and installations

Eligible to participate are graduates of an art school or an art academy, members of a professional association of visual artists or other artists' association, as well as freelance visual artists with a completed art school education, a history of exhibitions and publications, or continuous work in visual design.

Submissions may be no larger than 200 x 200 x 200 cm (height, width and depth).

In the first step, submit photos of a maximum of 3 works by the artist (min. size 13 x 18 cm) that would allow a qualitative assessment of the work presented. Digital media will not be accepted. The original dimensions of the works must be specified. The submission deadline for the first judging round is 13 September 2019. Originals will be judged in a second round on 7 November 2019. The jury will select the award winner(s) in a multi-stage process.

The winner will receive the sum of €10,000.

An additional prize sum of €2,500 may also be awarded to a promising young entrant.

The award ceremony will take place at the opening of the exhibition at Museum Pachen, Rockenhausen on 1 December 2019. A jury will create a shortlist. It will then use the shortlist to select artists to participate in the exhibition as well as the prizewinner.

The application documents can be requested and sent to:

Kahnweiler Gedenkstiftung

c/o Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung

Bezirksamtsstraße 7

67806 Rockenhausen

Telefon ( 06361 ) 451 252


Further information at: