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HFBK sends out online survey to all former students in the second week of July

Studying art – what do you do afterwards? We would like to know how our alumni are getting on today following their art studies at the HFBK, what path they have taken, how satisfied they are with their current professional situation, whether art is still a part of their work, and how this relates to their time at the HFBK.

The experiences and assessments of our former students are very important to us, also for the benefit of the next generation of art students at the HFBK, so that we can improve conditions for students. In order to get as realistic a picture as possible, we will send a link to the online survey to all former students of the HFBK (classes 2003 to 2018) in the second week of July.

We are conducting this survey in collaboration with the Research Laboratory of the Faculty for Economics and Social Sciences at the Universität Hamburg. The Research Laboratory guarantees professional, anonymised processing in line with the regulations for conducting scientific research laid out in article 89 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The contact information (email address) will be used only to invite the contacted former students to take part in this survey. Participation in this survey is of course voluntary.

Participation in is still possible the survey is still possible until end of August.