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Point of no Return: Point of Departure

25.1.2019, 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr
Point of no Return: Point of Departure

  • Venue:

  • HFBK Hamburg, Aula

For diversified and transnationally active societies, graphic design has a key position in communication. This gives rise to a responsibility that cannot be expressed in any logic-based standardised working process. What is needed is a higher level of engagement and thought that is transdisciplinary and can exercise criticism (of cultures). For this reason, the symposium series “Point of no Return” aims to bring together influential and critical voices from design and the sciences in order to intensify and carry forward this form of engagement, and in order to stimulate greater public consciousness of this discourse.

William Blake said that “opposition is true friendship”. To exercise criticism is to put things in context, to measure, to weigh things up, to interpret – criticism is a dynamic and reciprocal dialogue of that which is and that which should be. In order to develop constructive opposition, the first symposium will thus pose the question of what graphic design is capable of and what it achieves in the present day.

This is a symposium series on the significance to society of graphic design, conceived by Ingo Offermanns, professor at the HFBK Hamburg, with the support of Markus Weisbeck, professor at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, and Markus Dressen, Professor at the HGB Leipzig


  • 12 noon
    Ingo Offermanns, Markus Weisbeck and Markus Dreßen
  • 12.15 pm
    Ingo Offermanns, professor at the HFBK Hamburg
  • 12.30 — 2 pm
    Graphic design profiles, reproduces, fetishizes
    David Bennewith, Colophon, Amsterdam
    Anna Lena von Helldorff, graphic designer, designer, and collaborative partner, Leipzig
    Christoph Knoth & Konrad Renner, professors at the HFBK Hamburg
  • Lunch
  • 2.30 — 4. pm
    Graphic design empowers, mobilizes, colonizes
    Karo Akpokiere, graphic designer, artist, Lagos/Hamburg
    Matthias Görlich, professor at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle
    Isabel Seiffert, Offshore Studio, Zurich
  • Coffee Break
  • 4.30 — 6 pm
    Graphic design criticizes, opens up, drafts, conceives
    Sandra Doeller, graphic designer, Frankfurt am Main
    Corinne Gisel & Nina Paim, common interest, Zurich
    Students of Klasse Grafik at the HFBK Hamburg

The three panels are moderated by: Anja Neidhardt, design researcher, curator and lecturer, Berlin