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Prepress Workshop, digital


Current Opening Hours

Project meetings and consultations take place via video conference if possible; dates can be requested by e-mail. Inquiries about the use of equipment in the workshop are also made by e-mail to the workshop supervisor.

Special dates for risograph printing must be planned together with the workshop supervisor. The corresponding data (incl. information on the printing mode) and the necessary paper can be sent or delivered. The printing is done at the next possible date without the presence of the students.

A maximum of 1 person (plus workshop supervisor) may be present in the workshop (R 153A). Opening hours: Mon – Fri by arrangement

Hygiene concept, status: 26 May 2020

Hygienekonzept der Prepress-Werkstatt

The prepress workshop is integrated into the Graphic Art/ Typography/ Photography department, and is also closely connected with project work by the Materialverlag. In the Pre-press workshop, pre-press processes for printing editions are taught. The spectrum includes different printing techniques, such as relief printing, flat screen printing (especially offset), screen printing and digital printing. In connection with independent project work or in collaboration with topic-based seminar projects, students will learn to prepare texts, images and data material for the pre-press stage. The wider aims are to learn to understand print publications as independent artistic media and to be able to execute one’s own artistic projects using appropriate printing techniques.