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The department »Film« is based on the traditition of the artistic film d'auteur. In addition to this, it follows the HFBK's interdisciplinary approach to study by addressing related disciplines and consequently locating the students' own artistic efforts specifically within this extended context of art and image production. The aim is not to stick to classic professions such as directing, screen-play writing or camera, but to develop artistic work whose strength lies in independent creative innovation.

Film in the Bachelor study programme

The aim of this area of study is not to stick to classic professions such as directing, screen-play writing or camera, but to develop artistic work whose strength lies in independent creative innovation and not only in applying established knowledge and techniques conventionally. With technical competence in film as a basis, a wide range of inspiration will be made available through this area of study, enabling the language of film to be questioned and experiments in film to be carried out, but also enabling discussion of the artistic, economic and political role of film in the present media landscape.

Within the department »Film« students will gain the knowledge and skills needed for film production, while at the same time value is placed on the development of artistic work which explores free-form and experimental approaches to both documentary and feature films and to digital cinema. The starting point is the artistic intentions of the individual student, the development of which will be supported from conception to realisation by tutors, in individual and group tutorials. In this way students will learn how to apply analogue and digital methods of film production in a way appropriate to their project, as well as how to develop concepts for films and to realise them in the context of an individual project.

Within the HFBK, students will gain experience in mediating and presenting their artistic work with regard to different institutional and social contexts through the annual exhibition and the university´s own gallery as well as through publicly presenting their films in cinemas, at film festivals and on television.

Film in the Master study programme

The Master study program for the department »Film« is focused on artistic film-making, and not primarily on careers in cinema. In this course of study, technical, theoretical and artistic abilities gained in the previous Bachelor course of study will be extended and refined through creating film projects.

Alongside the creation of projects and their direct supervision, students’ activities will centre on a comprehensive training in film as a medium, ranging from traditional cinematic techniques to modern digital film-making techniques, and including their aesthetic significance. Students will analyse methods of filmic representation, and how they vary between fiction, documentation and animation (“creating a world, discovering a world, giving a soul to a world“).

The projects are accompanied by seminars on film theory. In the best tradition of the film d'auteur, a high priority is given to students being able to present their projects in a university context, in the community cinema and at specialised festivals.