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2019/07/16: Positions in Drawing – an experimental workshop in sketching and printing

Scholarships for the European Drawing Workshop on the Curonian Spit in Nida - Lithuania, from 9th until 15th September 2019.

This Workshop offers space and time to students of the fine arts and art education for their artistic work.

It will be accompanied by Raimonda Stelmokiene (multidisciplinary artist and lector, Kaunas) Niklas Obermann, student of art history, Berlin, and Jochen Bentrup (art-teacher and artist, Berlin).

They understand the workshop ‘Positions in Drawing – an experimental workshop‘ as an artistic and cultural meeting. The Workshop language is English.

Drawing and reflecting about drawing and its different relations to reality. A pencil line opens the way to abstraction, which appears on a surface. At the same time, that line equals a reality, which is produced by our perception.

Lectures and presentations of works are part of the scholarship program. You will get to know other artists positions and strengthen your individual expression. Simultaneously, you can experience a conscious interaction with fellow artists. At the end we shall expose the works to a wider public audience.

This time the audan kunststiftung offers the participation to a whole of 13 students from Lithuania and Germany. Travel expenses are up to you. There is a self-contribution of 50 €.

You may like to take part in this workshop. If you are between 23 and 28 years old, in the 3rd semester or upwards, please apply in a short way via email to the foundation, giving us short basic informations about your person and studies. Please, do not send any pictures or data, until we send you the application form.

Deadline is Tuesday, the 16th of July 2019.

This is an initiative of the audan kunststiftung Berlin. The foundation is engaged in the support and bringing together young artists from eastern Middle-Europe and Germany.

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