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2019/12/15: We are the people - The Social Art Award 2019

Can art catalyze change? – The Social Art Award 2019

Be it Hong Kong, Chile, Lebanon, Iraq, Brazil there are burning conflicts in the world right now, where people stand up peacefully united for their rights, their freedom, their present and their future. Looking back in history, 30 years ago in 1989, it has been the united will of East Germans that made the impossible come true. They made the wall come down to reunite to one country. Power to the people, power to unity and solidarity, power to peaceful revolutions.

What does art have to say in times of transformation? How do social artists empower, cherish, and support peaceful solidarity?

We look for the most impactful contributions.

The Social Art Award 2019 targets two categories:

Category 1 is fully open, looking for the most impactful contributions to “We are the people – catalyzing peaceful revolutions through the power of the many”

Category 2 looks for the most impactful global symbol (a visual logo) for peaceful revolutions enabling anyone to show their commitment for non-violent change. Best would be an option that communities can localize/ co-brand with their flag or movement visual, thus, it can be targeted as their specific local movement, yet showing solidarity with the global movement of peaceful change makers.

Apply now with your ideas and visions. Application opens November 9, 2019 and closes December 15, 2019.

Prizes and awards

  1. The winner receives 1.000 Euro in prize money. (We are collecting donations to enable a higher prize money.)
  2. The three selected winners for the exhibition present their artwork in Berlin, Germany in Spring 2019.
  3. The Top 50 artworks will receive additional exposure through a touring exhibition raising awareness for peaceful revolutions. Already assigned locations: Lebanon, Serbia, Hungary, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Finland, Germany. If you like to host an exhibition between March and September 2020, reach out to us.)
  4. The 10+2 shortlisted artists will receive a professional feedback by jury.
  5. The 50 artists of the preselection will be published in the official award book.